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The Different Aspects of Exercise

If you’ve reached a point where you want to start exercising, there are many options available to you. From building muscle to simply getting into shape, the choices are as diverse as they come. In order to help you make a decision about which workout plan is going to suit your needs, here are the different aspects of exercise.

Aerobic Type Exercises

Aerobics is considered the softer side of exercise, because it promotes a healthy body. Even though the workouts will have you working up a sweat, they aren’t as intense. The different types of aerobic exercises include:

– Running
– Walking Briskly
– Cycling
– Swimming
– Athletics
– Team Sports

Aerobics exercises are great for weight loss and just getting your heart on a healthy level. It’s recommended that you spread about two and a half hours of exercise into your week. If the exercises are intense enough you can break them into ten minute sessions.

Strength Training

Strength training is also known as resistance training, because you are constantly working against some kind of weight. This could be a barbell or even your own body. Workouts in this category include:

– CrossFit
– Powerlifting

As you can imagine, these workouts are much more intense than aerobics, but they are also perfect if you want more than just a toned body. They are specifically aimed at building muscle while they effectively burn calories.

In terms of workout sessions per week, the comfortable average is two to three times. But take note that you can really hurt yourself if you don’t start at the right level. Instead of going directly to the heaviest weight you can find, start at a comfortable pace and work your way towards more challenging sessions.

Flexibility Exercises

Then of course you get flexibility exercises, where intensity isn’t the main priority. Instead, these workouts will help your body become more mobile so-to-speak. This is especially beneficial for staying fit while getting older. Flexibility exercises include:

– Yoga
– Pilates
– Tai Chi

Even though the aim is to become more flexible, the workouts will increase your fitness and strength level. Two or three sessions a week should be enough to make you feel a big difference.

What To Consider

You need to decide what you want to focus on. Do you want to build stamina or muscles? Do you want to be flexible or just keep your heart healthy? Once you know what you want you can go into more detailed information about the above mentioned exercises.